Monday, 27 February 2017

I wanted to share one of my new favourite beauty discoveries! It's the "Le Mini Macaron Gel Manicure Kit".  

Le Mini Macaron (LMM) was created by Christina Kao and her partner, François.  The pair was determined to create an easy, convenient and affordable gel nail kit that resulted in beautiful nails at home. 

If you're anything like me, you love a good gel manicure.  Your standard manicure is nothing like that shiny gel finish and not to mention, it's long lasting wear.  Gel manicures can be quite pricey at salons and spas.  Plus with a busy schedule, not everyone has the time to make the trip to the salon and go through the whole gel removal, manicure and application process.

The LMM Gel Manicure Kit includes:
LED Lamp (shaped like a macaroon...how adorable!)
USB cord and power charger
1 bottle of 3-in-1 gel polish in a matching colour
Cuticle Stick
Mini nail file
10 remover pads
Detailed Instructions

The nail kit is easy and convenient for the busy working girl! In 15 minutes tops, your manicure is complete and your nails are on fleek!  The 3-in-1 gel formula includes a basecoat, colour and topcoat.  I love how you can bring the kit along with you whether you're travelling or having a sleepover at your BFF's.  You can even use the USB cord and plug it into your laptop or a portable charger. Talk about convenient and mobile!

In 6 easy steps, you will achieve a gorgeous at-home gel manicure. 

Step 1: Push back your cuticle skin using the cuticle stick

Step 2: File the edges and surfaces of your nail. Wipe away any dust
(I recommend to wash/rinse your hands).

Step 3: Apply a very thin layer for the first coat!

Step 4: Place your finger in the LED lamp for 30 seconds

Step 5: Apply a second layer and cap the edge of your nail with the gel polish

Step 6: Place your finger back in the LED lamp for 30 more seconds

Voilà, you are done! Easy as that and you have a salon style manicure right from home.  The result: a long lasting, shine-finish perfect gel manicure. 

I had so much fun doing my at-home gel manicure.  Aside from the fun, it was super easy.  I'm really not the best when it comes to painting my nails but LMM was quick and easy.  I am so inlove with this colour called Cassis, it's a sophisticated red and definitely reminds me of a cherry merlot! With over 35 colours available, you have the perfect colour for any style or occasion.

Until March 15th, if you purchase any Le Mini Macaron Gel Manicure Kit from The Bay (online or in store) you get two full size gel polishes FREE!  Get all the details on their Facebook Page!

Make sure to try out LMM before this special offer ends! 

Happy Manicuring ;)

What is your favourite at-home nail kit?

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